Spokane Turbine Center

Spokane, WA
Founded: 2007
Current Status: Member
Member Since: May 24, 2013
ECFA accredited organization

Financial Data
   Cash Donations $213,163
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $1,084,156
   Total Revenue $1,297,319
   Total Expenses $1,436,321
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
Total Assets $4,456,500
Total Liabilities $552,167
Net Assets $3,904,333

Data for year ended December 31, 2016
Per the organization's financial statements

Contact Information
Spokane Turbine Center
Spokane, WA
Tel: (509) 536-1969
Fax: (509) 536-0867
Website: http://www.spokaneturbinecenter.com
Top Leader: Mr. Jeff Hawk
Donor Contact: Mr. Jon Weber

Ministry Description
The mission of the Spokane Turbine Center is to provide high quality, cost effective turbine training in technically advanced aircraft to the mission aviation community. They strive to train the current and next generation of missionary pilots to operate these new technically advanced turbine aircraft safely and efficiently. The centralization of missionary turbine training allows mission organizations to realize significant financial savings.

In missions, aviation is vital to reach many of those who haven’t heard the Gospel. In South Africa, a five-day drive is one day of flight to the destination and back. In Papua New Guinea, a treacherous two-day hike takes just 28 minutes to reach by plane. Well-trained pilots and mechanics are essential to every mission aviation group. Although our training is cost-effective, it is still costly to operate and maintain aircraft and training devices. Would you consider partnering with us?

Ministry Sectors
  • Education
  • Human Services & Medical
  • Social, Civic, Public Policy & Philanthropy

  • Ministry Types
  • Aviation (primary)
  • Education: Special
  • Ministry Training, Consulting
  • Support Services