The Defenders USA

Vancouver, WA
Founded: 1998
Current Status: Program
Member Since: October 31, 2008
ECFA accredited organization

Contact Information
The Defenders USA
Vancouver, WA
Tel: (360) 693-8100
Fax: (360) 695-9489
Parent Organization: Shared Hope International

Ministry Description
The Defenders USA is a project of Shared Hope. It's a national initiative aimed at mobilizing 100,000 men in the fight to end the demand for prostituted children - that is one Defender for every victim. A Defender is simply a man who makes a pledge, keeps a promise and has a plan: 1. A PLEDGE to do nothing by direct action or indifference that will perpetuate the commercial sex industry that fuels child sex trafficking. 2. A PROMISE to recruit other men to the fight, and 3. A PLAN to creatively and aggressively engage the battle to end the demand for prostituted kids in his own community.

Ministry Sectors
  • Discipleship

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  • Men's Ministry