Emmanuel Home of Protection

Hattiesburg, MS
Founded: 1974
Current Status: Subsidiary
Member Since: March 2, 1998
ECFA accredited organization

Contact Information
Emmanuel Home of Protection
Hattiesburg, MS
Tel: (601) 544-3586
Fax: (601) 544-6508
Website: http://www.emmanuel.bmdmi.org
Parent Organization: Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International

Ministry Description
The Emmanuel Home of Protection (EHP) is a ministry of Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International and is located in Diriamba, Nicaragua. The EHP provides care for young ladies who have been victims of abuse by offering a safe environment where young ladies receive spiritual, emotional and psychological support, as well as education, pre-vocational training, food, clothing and shelter. The EHP operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Families (MiFamilia), an entity of the Nicaraguan government, and is approved to care for girls ages 18 and younger who have been victims of abuse.

Ministry Sectors
  • Children & Youth

  • Ministry Types
  • Children's Home