Make Way Partners

Wilsonville, AL
Founded: 2003
Current Status: Member
Member Since: December 31, 2007
ECFA accredited organization

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   Cash Donations $2,555,336
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   Total Revenue $2,555,336
   Total Expenses $2,490,824
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Total Assets $1,072,059
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Net Assets $1,072,059

Data for year ended June 30, 2016
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Contact Information
Make Way Partners
Wilsonville, AL
Tel: (205) 240-8597
Fax: (205) 822-8091
Top Leader: Mrs. Kimberly Highland
Donor Contact: Mrs. Kimberly Highland

Ministry Description
Make Way Partners is a Christian mission agency committed to prevent and combat human trafficking and all forms of modern-day slavery by educating and mobilizing The Body of Christ. We acknowledge that our hope, strength, and courage in this battle is the Hope of the Gospel embodied in Jesus Christ. We are compelled to carry on His work in very practical ways to minister to the least of these who are most vulnerable to slavery and trafficking. We offer tangible help that includes orphan and widow care, food, shelter, education, job training and placement, as well as medical care.

Through our sponsorship program we are working to save, heal, protect, and prepare thousands of at-risk unadoptable orphans to be the next generation of leaders in their communities. As a Complete Care sponsor you become family for your child as the sole provider in supplying life-saving food and clean water, a loving home and 24-hr security, quality education and Christ-centered discipleship, proper healthcare and medicine, as well as emotional trauma care and healing support.
Make Way Partners (MWP) Faith, Hope, and Love (FHL) project is building up a medical-care network to prepare the first generation of Sudanese doctors. Orphans previously discarded by their communities have become beacons of hope. MWP has partnered with 3 indigenous directed ministries in Sudan and South Sudan providing total care to over 1,500 of the world's most vulnerable orphans. Our hope is to build a surgical hospital and training center in South Sudan.
In 2012, to offset rising food costs, we began farming in the fertile southern region of South Sudan. With the initial few hundred acres, the project grew enough maize, peanuts, okra, tomatoes, pumpkins, sorghum, kale, carrots, oranges, lemons, mangoes, papaya, and avocados to feed our entire Hope For South Sudan orphanage. We plan to continue expanding this project on our nearly 2,000 acres, with a dream to provide enough food for our entire orphan-care network throughout Sudan and South Sudan!
One way Make Way Partners fights against human trafficking in Sudan and South Sudan is through education. By giving vulnerable children access to quality education, we are building up the next generation of leaders. In 2012, at our orphanage near Darfur, we built the only free secondary school in the entire region. In 2014, we added a solar powered computer lab. Today, we seek to improve the high school by building a science and medical lab for students desiring to become medical professionals.
Never before have thousands of orphans been so at risk to slavery and genocide as those living in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. We literally scour the mountains rescuing children from the clefts where they hide from bombs and slave raiders. The high stakes of working in an active warzone are largely why we are the only group offering care for the vulnerable orphans of this region. We are able to provide total care for 500 children but are in need of more homes before we rescue any more.

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