Every Child Ministries

Hebron, IN

Founded: 1985

Tel: (219) 996-4201

Website: http://www.ecmafrica.org

Top LeaderMr. Mark Luckey

Donor Contact: Mrs. Sandi Enyeart

Member Since: April 1, 1988

Financial Data

   Cash Donations $1,079,927
   Noncash Donations $0
   Other Revenue $54
   Total Revenue $1,079,981
   Total Expenses $1,149,590
Excess (or Deficit)
   for the Year
Other $0
Total Change
   in Net Assets
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Total Assets $398,969
Total Liabilities $6,672
Net Assets $392,297
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Every Child Ministries is devoted to showing Jesus' love and bringing God's Word to African youth. Main ministries are: ministry to homeless street kids, Christian residential home and school, training leaders and teachers to enable African churches to establish Sunday schools, development of Teachers' Resource Libraries, helping kids with albinism and disabilities and working for their acceptance in society, working to combat and prevent child trafficking, Christian leadership training, teacher training, and ministry to children in slums and war-affected areas. Many programs are supported through child sponsorship. The work is centered in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, and Uganda. A website features Christian education materials aimed to provide help to all of Africa.

We desire to expand our staff of African missionaries to enable us to reach out to broken & outcast children. We also have several current staff members who are underfunded. Shares of $50, $20 or even $10 a month can be a help. Details of individual African missionary staff needing support are available on request.
In Uganda, as in many African countries, albino children are often considered a curse. Every Child Ministries is showing them God's love in very practical ways, by providing school assemblies on albinism to further public understanding and acceptance, and by placing needy albino children in sponsorship programs where they experience friendship & acceptance. The Gospel permeates all these programs.
Children found in vulnerable situations are rescued before being placed in one of our projects for ongoing help,evangelism, and discipleship. Our staff in both Uganda and Ghana are trained to spot abandoned & vulnerable children that may need help. Give to the Rescue Fund so we have funds on hand when a rescue is needed.
Help children living in Kamwokya, a downtown slum area in the capital city of Kampala. Sponsor a child in the project to provide schooling and support through a weekly Bible club, or support the project to benefit all the children in the project.
The Volta Region in S.E.Ghana, like many rural areas in Africa, is full of schools willing & even anxious to allow gospel presentations. ECM's Community Evangelism program reaches out to these schools & the communities they serve with the gospel, presented via film media and personal evangelism. Our staff makes frequent visits to local schools & churches, and conducts follow up discipleship as needed. Your support of this project enables the good news to reach thousands of children every year!
One of the highlights of Every Child Ministries' to African children was receiving word that ECM training had enabled local churches to establish over 3,000 known Sunday schools in Central Africa. We are in need of funds to train more teachers. It costs only about $64 for training to establish one Sunday school.
In our street kids ministry we sometimes find youth who could potentially be reconciled to their families, but we do not always have the transportation funds to allow us to explore the possibility thoroughly. Still, we know that in many cases it has worked. The best scenario for a street child is to return to his family in a real reconciliation that includes the Gospel at the heart of it. Help provide transportation funds to enable our street staff to achieve this more often.
Haven of Hope is our boarding home in Ghana for orphan & vulnerable children from various backgrounds. Sponsor a child to live at Haven of Hope or give to HH Operations to help defray the cost of operations - food, clothing, qualified staff, etc.
Child sacrifice and ritual abuse is on the rise in Uganda. ECM is working with stakeholders to discern the causes and to prepare skits for public performance that can help parents protect their children. The project also gives spiritual, emotional and material support to survivors of ritual abuse, including those in our Lwengo Sponsorship Project.
Haven of Hope Academy is a Christian school, nursery through Primary 8, Day and Boarding, that targets children at risk in Ghana, West Africa. The operating expenses of Haven Academy are basically met through educational sponsorships. Each child who receives a scholarship needs one educational sponsor at $37/month. This covers uniforms, books, teachers' salaries and benefits, classroom supplies, governmental relations, and incidentals. Donations to the HA Gap Fund cover unexpected expenses.
Congolese missionaries have been trained and simply need transportation funds to enable them to reach Congo's children now. Large parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo are not yet directly affected by the war. This is an opportunity to reach the children for Christ now. Missionaries are also reaching out to Congo Brazzaville.
Provide leadership training to guide Brazzaville churches in establishing children's ministries to reach tens of thousands.
Take the opportunity to change a child's life through sponsorship. Sponsoring a child assures an appropriate education, improved nutrition, and opportunities to learn about Jesus and His salvation, for only $37 a month. Sponsorship Gap Funds in Ghana and Uganda provide temporary help for those in crisis situations, until a continuing sponsor can be found.
In several of ECM's projects for vulnerable children in Ghana, we have identified certain areas as major source areas for street and trafficked children. We are expanding child sponsorship and other programs into some of the poorest of these communities, while cooperating with local authorities to intervene on behalf of children trafficked to work in specific areas. Goal: Stop child trafficking at the source!
ECM's survey of Kinshasa churches showed that fewer than half have any program to attract and train children's workers. ECM has a long history of providing effective training for children's workers in Africa. We need funds to provide much-needed training for children's leaders in Congo, enabling many churches to start programs to reach the children and youth of their areas. In many areas, we can train a teacher and enable a church to start a children's program for about $64.
Tororo, in the Eastern Region of Uganda, is the location of one of our sponsorship projects that began with albino children. We strive to educate the children, their families, and the community about albinism. Sponsorship sends a child to school and a weekly Bible club. Once albino children in the area are sponsored, we want the project to expand to other children in the area. Sponsor a child ($37/month) or support the project for the benefit of all the children in the project.
Karamoja is a region in the northeastern corner of Uganda, a land of pastoralists and devastating poverty. Karimojong children are sold to masters to use them to beg on the streets of Kampala, taking all their earnings and treating them as slaves. We are decreasing the number going into slavery by offering child sponsorship in their home area, and also to evangelizing and intervening on behalf of child beggars displaced to Kampala.
Older street boys in Ghana support themselves through jobs such as carrying people's belongings. They meet twice weekly for Worship & Bible study. We have helped them develop a piggery to raise & butcher pigs to increase their ability to support themselves.
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