Recommended Generosity Devotionals, Videos, and Books

There are many worthy ministries to support within the Body of Christ. Like many people, you may be overwhelmed by all the needs in the world. Wanting to do your part to help, you may also wonder where to begin giving of your time, talents and financial resources.

At ECFA, it is our goal to assist donors in making wise giving decisions. While we do not tell you which ministry to support, the resources listed below may provide you with helpful tools to facilitate your decision-making process.

Wise Giving Q&A Videos
Videos answering commonly asked questions on Christian and charitable giving plus inspirational generosity videos.

Generosity Devotionals for Personal, Ministry, or Churchwide Use

Inspirational Generosity Videos

TV Clips on Giving and Generosity

  • The Power of a Generous Life featuring Brian Kluth and Ron Blue on Truth In Action Ministries TV (ECFA Accredited Organization)
  • Cheerful Giver on CBN 700 Club (ECFA Accredited Organization)
  • Should Christians Tithe? on CNN TV news interview featuring Brian Kluth and Leith Anderson, NAE President (ECFA Accredited Organization)

Wise Giving Q&A Video Series

Generosity Books

  • Money, Possessions, and Eternity, Randy Alcorn, Tyndale House Publishers
  • Managing God’s Money, Randy Alcorn, Tyndale House Publishers
  • The Treasure Principle, Randy Alcorn, Multnomah Books
  • Experience God as Your Provider: Finding Financial Stability in Unstable Times, Brian Kluth, Moody Publishers
  • The Law of Rewards, Randy Alcorn, Tyndale House Publishers
  • Faithful with Much: Breaking Down the Barriers to Generous Giving, Tony & Carin Amaradio, Cook Communications Ministries
  • The Kingdom Assignment, Denny & Leesa Bellesi, Zondervan
  • The Root of Riches, Chuck Bentley, Crown Financial Ministries
  • The Generosity Factor, Ken Blanchard & S. Truett Cathy
  • Heart, Soul, and Money: A Christian view of Possessions, Craig L. Blomberg, College Press Publishing Company
  • Generous Living: Finding Contentment Through Giving, Ron Blue, Zondervan
  • A Biblical Perspective on Giving Generously: Learning How to Receive God’s Blessing, Rick Brott, ABC Book Publishing
  • Giving & Tithing, Larry Burkett, Moody Publishers
  • Money Life Basics—Giving & Generosity, Crown Financial Ministries
  • The Eternity Portfolio, Alan Gotthardt, Tyndale House Publishers
  • Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity, Adam Hamilton, Adbingdon Press
  • Genius of Generosity, Chip Ingram, Yates & Yates
  • Generosity: Moving toward life that is truly life, Gordon MacDonald with Patrick Johnson, National Christian Foundation
  • God and Your Stuff : The Vital Link Between Your Possessions and Your Soul, Wesley Wilmer, NavPress
  • To God, with All Our Love: Set Your Giving Free, Matthew Marx, Winepress Publishing
  • The Giving Myths, Stephen B. McSwain, Smyth & Helwys Publishing Inc.
  • Faithful Finances 101, Gary Moore, Templeton Foundation Press
  • Principles & Rewards of Giving, David R. Reid, ECS Ministries
  • The Sower, R. Scott Rodin and Gary G. Hoag, ECFA Press
  • The Hole in Our Gospel: What Does God Expect of Us?, Richard Stearns, Thomas Nelson
  • The Generosity Ladder: Your Next Step to Financial Peace, Nelson Searcy, Baker Books
  • Giving: Unlocking the Heart of Good Stewardship, John Ortberg, Laurie Pederson, and Judson Polling, Zondervan
  • Fields of Gold, Andy Stanley, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
  • The Grace of Giving:10 Principles of Christian Giving, John Stott, The Lausanne Movement
  • Revolution in Generosity, Wesley K. Wilmer, Editor, Moody Publishers


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