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We are glad you have visited the ECFA site. We greet people on this site at a rate of two million per year and are happy to be of service.

Just as people are more likely to trust an accredited college or a product with the Good Housekeeping Seal, donors are more likely to share their resources with an organization they believe to be trustworthy. ECFA exists to help Christ-centered organizations earn the public’s trust. At ECFA, we believe that to honor God, we must keep His laws. To that end, we have developed the Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™.

We were founded as an accreditation body in 1979 when 150 like-minded evangelical leaders came together to establish a means for responsible organizations to collectively be a positive witness for Jesus Christ. By being as accountable to our donors as we would be to our Lord, we exercise a transparency that can offer to others who would join us.

That beginning was a time not unlike today. Politicians in Washington, DC, the media, and self-appointed watchdog groups called for the government to clamp down on churches and other nonprofit organizations. We have a mission, the Great Commission, and to do our work—God’s work—we have to be able to operate without undue external regulation. To make this work, we must regulate ourselves.

ECFA continues to look to our members to sit as peer evaluators for membership and accountability issues. Through mutual agreement, all members agree to follow the Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™.

We celebrate the diversity of our members: churches, religious broadcasters, rescue missions, colleges and universities, missionary organizations, youth and teen centers, adoption groups, family ministries, rehabilitation centers, small inner-city missions and large evangelical associations are just some of the organizations that make up ECFA.  

ECFA is called on frequently by the media as well as our legislators in Washington, DC. We eagerly address the issues of financial accountability and ethical fundraising.

Our website, events, and our toll-free phone number are great sources of information for donors, individuals and ministries alike. We hope you find the resources helpful.

Dan Busby


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