Join the Global Movement: "Partners in Accountability"

August 7, 2017

by Dr. Gary Hoag, ECFA International Liaison

ECFA believes that stewardship and accountability are at the heart of God for ministries around the world. For this reason, we are honored to have the opportunity to partner with internationally-based organizations seeking to promote financial accountability among Christian ministries in their own countries.

Dan Busby, John Van Drunen, and I traveled to Melbourne, Australia to attend the second International Accountability Summit (IAS) on June 4-5, 2017. IAS 2017 was sponsored by ECFA and hosted by CMASC (Christian Ministry Advancement Standards Council), our Australian ministry partner in peer accountability.

IAS 2017 welcomed 64 delegates representing 20 countries around the world: Australia, Canada, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Uganda, Uruguay, and USA. All 64 delegates traveled to Australia at their own expense and committed time and energy to attend.

“Partners in Accountability” marked the theme of the summit. We gathered with four specific objectives in view: (1) to strengthen relationships with local champions; (2) to share wisdom and resources; (3) to discuss challenges linked to financial transparency in church and ministry settings globally; and, (4) to pray for each other.

Read more about the 2017 International Accountability Summit here.

How can you join this global movement? Here are three specific actions you can take to participate.

  1. Pray – I often remark that “God cares more about accountability than we do!” Join me in praying that God will continue to raise up national leaders around the world to champion the faithful financial administration of His work. My calendar reminds me each Saturday to pray for these peer groups and this movement. Will you join me?
  2. Network – If your church or ministry works in one of the 7 nations with peer accountability groups (Australia, Canada, India, Kenya, Philippines, South Korea, US), urge your co-workers in these countries to check out the websites (listed here) for the organizations in their countries and inquire about becoming an accredited member of that peer accountability group. Can you spread the word?
  3. Email – If you have questions or want more information, email me at I will respond personally. Also, with your permission, I will add you to an email list, a global network of stewards who value accountability. Feel free to let me know of others as well who may be interested in joining this movement. Who might join with you?

Why join today? God cares about accountability more than we do because our work with Him has His name on it!

Read more about the global movement on ECFA's Global Network page.


This text is provided with the understanding that ECFA is not rendering legal, accounting, or other professional advice or service. Professional advice on specific issues should be sought from an accountant, lawyer, or other professional.

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