Court Denies Jinwright Appeal

June 26, 2012

An Appeals Court denied an appeal of Harriet P. and Anthony L. Jinwright, the former co-pastors of Greater Salem Church in North Carolina. They were convicted of a tax evasion scheme in which they omitted millions of dollars of taxable income from their jointly filed tax returns. The Jinwrights’ convictions followed a four-week trial that involved the admission of over 90,000 pages of documentary evidence and the testimony of more than 70 witnesses.

The Jinwrights appealed the earlier decision contending that the District Court issued two jury instructions that impermissibly relieved the government of its burden of proof. The Jinwrights also objected to the district court’s instructions to the jury regarding the tax treatment of payments from an employer to an employee. The Jinwrights also raised a number of other contentions.

In a 28-page opinion, the Appeals Court affirmed the judgment of the District Court.

Source: Harriet P. and Anthony L. Jinwright v. U.S., U.S. Dist. Crt., Western Dist. of N.C., June 22, 2012

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