California Bill May Mean Christian Colleges Choosing Between Their Faith and Funding

July 6, 2016

A bill (SB 1146) is being advanced in the California state legislature that, if passed, would force most Christian institutions of higher education to choose between their faith and funding, according to Attorney Gregory Baylor of the Alliance Defending Freedom.

SB 1146 threatens the freedom of Christian colleges and universities to maintain their religious character while accepting state student aid. If amended by SB 1146, the EHEA would forbid schools like Biola, William Jessup, and Azusa Pacific from considering religion in admissions, requiring students to participate in religious activities, and otherwise “discriminating” on the basis of religion. SB 1146 would also force schools to choose between maintaining religious standards of student sexual conduct and keeping state student aid. SB 1146 might even threaten the freedom of schools to consider religion and moral conduct in selecting their faculty and staff.

For more information on SB 1146 and analysis from Attorney Baylor, see New California Bill Threatens Religious Colleges

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